THE BATTLE TO BECOME #MissFriskyFriday of the Year

Welcome to the most exciting online reality competition in the world, specifically created for the sexiest women that are looking for unprecedented national exposure through the power of a simple selfie! No longer will your hot, sexy selfies be hidden from the world within your personal Instagram & Facebook pages! Frisky Friday has elevated the selfie craze, where women from all over the world share their hottest selfies on social media every #FriskyFriday. This is "The Frisky Friday" and the weekly battle to become #MissFriskyFriday of the Week! *Must be 18 years of age older*

COMPETING SELFIE POLICY: Primary selfies (profile pic) should be a recent selfie and regularly updated

  • The competing model should upload a recent selfie regularly. We prefer that it is not from weeks or years past!
  • Models submitting outdated pictures from years past may have their profiles temporarily disabled, and they will be notified that the must upload a new, recent selfie. It is at our discretion as to whether or not we warn or temporarily disable contestant profiles. Our staff verfies all contestants by requesting two forms of ID's, as well as a recent selfie from you after winning, in front of a mirror, thanking! Don't try and Catfish us :)
  • PLEASE READ OUR ADULT LINKS POLICY BELOW - Immediate disqualification for public promotion of direct adult & cam links within your profiles & galleries!
  • Facebook Picture Compliance: Facebook community policies prohibits implied nudity. When posting your link on Facebook, please make sure to use a compliant picture. Twitter & Instagram can be as edy as you like!


SEASON 1 runs through December 30th: Captains can be named anytime during Season

Our revolutionary team approach means you never are competiting alone!

  • Captains can be named anytime. They are responsible for building a strong team of competing models who battle weekly for the title Miss Frisky Friday
  • Contestants MUST SELECT A CAPTAIN or their Vote Button will not appear & they will be listed as a Free Agent (they can switch Captains anytime)
  • Captains win POINTS when their team member finish in the Top 5
  • Captains are NOT competing for individual votes, even though we track their teams total votes in Captain section
  • Captain Elimination; Expect the unexpected! At anytime during the competition, FriskyFriday may choose to ADD or ELIMINATE a Captain. The Captain with the lowest season points could lose their Captainship (their teams can continue to compete and select a new Captain)

CONTESTANTS | #MissFriskyFriday of the Week

Weekly Competition for points & prizes - Top 32 Point Leaders Qualify for End-Of-Year Bracket Championship

The Top 5 Weekly Finishers Receive Points - 1st place wins Cash!!

  • Season 1 starts in March of 2016 (Weekly Competition) - New Contestants may enter anytime during season!
  • Upon registration, models must select a Team Captain or they will be unable to compete and listed as Free Agent for the week.
  • Captain Selection only can occur on weekends, when the weekly competition is not running.
  • Models have the right to select a new Captain anytime during the year (when voting is off)
  • The weekly competition begins Sunday at 8pm EST and ends Fridays at 9:00 PM EST (times subject to change). The model with the most votes is crowned Miss Frisky Friday of the Week, wins 25 points and a Cash Prize! She is also featured at the top of our homepage for the week. Weekly winners are promoted virally by all of our Captains (Tweets, Facebook, Instagram Promotion)
  • The Top 5 weekly finishers receive points that accumulate all season through December 30th
  • Models are battling the entire year to be ranked in the TOP 32 in Yearly Points. These models qualify for the #MissFriskyFriday Model of the Year Bracket Challenge and battle to become automatic Captains next year
  • One Contestant will be crowned the #MissFriskyFriday of the Year & our Brand Ambassador, winning the Grand Prize
  • Models have the right to vote for themselves or anyone else in the competition
  • Contestants that Win 3+ Consecutive Weeks: Any contestant that wins 3 consectuive weeks will be required to sit out 2 weeks the following month. Four Consectuive Weekly wins will be required to sit out 3 weeks once the following month starts. If they win 5 consecutive weeks (ex. win the last 2 weeks of July, and first 3 weeks of August, they will be required to sit out for 4 weeks the following month).Their profile will be set to Free Agent.

THE POINT SYSTEM | Models & Captains

  • 1st Place - 25 points & CASH PRIZE to Weekly Winner & her Captain
  • 2nd Place - 10 points
  • 3rd Place - 6 points
  • 4th Place - 4 points
  • 5th Place - 2 points
  • Winning Model and their Captain receives the corresponding points from the above chart
  • Models & Captains accumulate points all season and their rank is shown within their profile
  • NOTE: Models can finish first 4 times in a row and then they must sit out a week (their voting button will be turned off)


  • Producers reserve the right to initiate new weekly or monthly incentives for additional point opportunities
  • These notices will be pre-announced on our site - EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED!

MONTHLY WINNER | #MissFriskyFriday of the Month

Bonus points for the Top 3 Monthly Leaders - One crowned #MissFriskyFriday of the Month

20 Bonus Points to Monthly Vote Winner & Featured in 2017 Calendar (March - November winners)

  • The Monthly Vote Leader, as determined by the automatic reset at midnight on the 1st day of each month receives 20 bonus points
  • The Monthly Winner will also be predomintely featured with the pages of, and receive tremendous exposure
  • Homepage Feature for the Month & Magazine Style Banner
  • 2nd most monthly votes: 10 points
  • 3rd most monthly votes: 5 points


Miss Frisky Friday of the Year Battle | Top 32 Contestants with most points qualify

Winner named Miss Frisky Friday of the Year, Significant Cash Prize, & Season 2 Captain

  • Season 1 December 30th - Top 32 qualify for Miss Frisky Friday of the Year Bracket Challenge
  • The Top 32 Models (accumulated points) qualify for The Challenge and compete to become Captains in Season 2. One will be crowned Miss Frisky Friday of the Year!
  • Any point ties within the Top 32 is broken by total all-time votes
  • The Sole Surviving Winner will be crowned #MissFriskyFriday of the Year & Captain


  • Top 32 Seeds Compete
  • 5 Amazing Rounds
  • Champion Crowned #MissFriskyFriday of the Year & Automatic Captainship


  • Weekly Winners are not Certified until the below is confirmed:
  • VERIFICATION PHASE 1: Weekly winners must scan or email two forms of ID, one which must include DOB, as well as a picture.
  • VERIFICATION PHASE 2: All winners must take a selfie, in front of a mirror, with a sign that says "Thank You"
  • Producers reserve the right to remove anyone from the competition, with or without cause
  • Winning payouts are mailed out on the 30th of each month for all winning contestants that abide by verification process

THE VOTING|TOKEN SYSTEM - Get Discovered & Seen by Thousands via Token Votes!

  • Models receive 10 free tokens at inception, then 5 free tokens a week! Judges receive 5 free tokens at registration & 5 per week
  • Additional Tokens can be purchased Captains, Contestants, & Judges
  • Tokens are administered securely through PayPal. If purchasing regularly, we recommend becoming 'verified' by PayPal, but this is not required. NOTE: The Hashtag Alliance, our founding partners, administer our token system via Paypal for
  • Tokens DO NOT roll over each week and are non-refundable. You must use tokens weekly
  • Tokens can be purchased through your ADMIN panel or here:
  • Tokens are 100% guaranteed through PayPal, however we are not responsible for delays in delivery (Don't wait until the last minute to purchase)
  • IMPORTANT: Once purchase is comlete, you MUST click on RETURN TO HASHTAG ALLIANCE from PayPal to have tokens deposited (Do Not Press The Back Button on your Browser)



**The Primary Picture MUST BE a recent Selfie Only**Implied Nudity Only**No adult or cam links in galleries**

  • Your Primary Picture must be a recent & cannot be professional (this is your weekly competing picture - and it can not be outdated from years past)
  • Your picture cannot be full nudity, but implied nudity is fine...and you can go to the edge with what you reveal!
  • The selfie should be a combination of how you feel & how you like to shoot yourself (sexy, hot, seductive, mysterious, provacative)
  • Primary profile selfie should be semi-amateur & and convey a sense of real-life
  • Your 5 Gallery pictures, however, may contain professional modeling shots. They do not have to be selfies!
  • Do not try and Catfish us with old selfies. We may choose not to honor your win and you may be eliminated from the competition with our without cause
  • By uploading your pictures to our site, you release the rights for us to use them in any or all marketing collateral, including social media and website marketing banners


  • You can upload 5 shots which can be professional in nature
  • You can have all of your social networking sites in one place, within your gallery
  • We provide you the ability to promote your own personal store
  • You can also promote your sponsors within your galleries
  • You can control whether or not your comment section is ON or OFF

JUDGES - Promote You & Your Company

Public Judges Featured as Top Judges

  • No other online modeling contest provides you a platfrom like
  • Become an active judge, making you or your company relevant within our reality competition modeling community
  • is an anti-bullying site, and we WILL NOT tolerate any disparaging remarks against models, judges, or our contest
  • Judges cannot promote adult or cam sites and they will be deleted without warning if they have links to these sites
  • We reserve the right to delete any model or judge any time, with our without cause. This competition is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES only, and we reserve the right to provide bonus tokens to models, judges, and Captains, indiretly or directly, at our discretion.

Winnings & Payouts: 30th of Each Month

The Hashtag Alliance pays out all monthly winnings on the 30th of each month, via check

  • Contestants will be required to provide two forms of ID
  • For tax reasons, contestants will need to fill out a W-2 (which includes providing their SSN #
  • Contestants must provide legal name and address for checks to be paid

    • Within your profiles, your social links (and website link) cannot go directly to any adult or cam site
    • You must only promote your social site links within your gallery & your personal website link cannot be an adult pay site (cam site or paywall site)
    • We believe in the first amendment, therefore you can share links peer to peer privately, but not publicly within Frisky Friday profiles
    • Hardcore sites or Cam sites MAY NOT be public Sponsors or Judges. They will be deleted & denied access!

    Important Disclaimer: While we reserve the right to disqualify models for any reason, or warn them about their primary selfies, it is at the discretion of whether or not any model is disqualified or not from the site. We reserve the right to make the choice with or without cause. Just because you do not have a primary selfie as your competing picture does not mean you will be disqualified, however we can turn your profile down until you add a selfie.Models that publicly disparage others or the brand may also be disqualified. Your profile may be temporarily turned off until you upload a primary selfie. We are an ANTI-DRAMA competition.

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