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Ashley Alexiss| 1,648 Team Points

Los AngelesCalifornia

Ashley Alexiss is a plus size model, business, owner, and social media as well as Reality TV personality. At the age of 25, she has been able to successfully reach millions of people through social media and exponentially expand her personal brand!

Total Yearly Team Votes: 351,368Current Team Members: 260

Elizabeth Szczepan| 584 Team Points


I am #MissFriskyFriday of the Year 2017! Come join my team --- super excited to be a part of such a fun, exciting brand! Stay tuned for more announcements of the things I'm involved in! Thanks to all my supporters & fans! Can't wait for Season 2!

Total Yearly Team Votes: 153,809Current Team Members: 18

Jessica Storie| 552 Team Points


As Playboy Miss Social's August 2013 winner, Jessica brings the experience necessary to be a trusted mentor and Captain for any Contestant! With nearly 400,000 Facebook Followers, 17K+ on Instagram, and over 14K on Twitter, we are glad to have her!

Total Yearly Team Votes: 117,094Current Team Members: 28

Misty Kemp| 460 Team Points


Misty Kemp, the winner of our 1st Annual Bracket Challenge is our inaugural Captain! She will be a part of an epic Season 1, along with other Captains in the coming weeks! She is a perfect mentor for aspiring models & we can't wait to watch her!

Total Yearly Team Votes: 153,465Current Team Members: 123

FriskyFriday Captain| 375 Team Points

New York

To enter this weeks Cash Challenge, you need a CAPTAIN. Use Team FriskyFriday as your Default if you do know who to chooose! Do you have a big social network of followers? Let us know an apply to become a Captain!

Total Yearly Team Votes: 97,915Current Team Members: 209

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