House Rules

August 28th, 2017

New Users Registering More Than Two Accounts Aren’t Approved & Inappropriate Comments Will Be Banned

We wanted to clarify a major point, as far as ‘NEW JUDGE’ SIGN-UPS and those that wish to submit negative comments on any wall.

  1. If you register and sign up as a judge, using more than 2 accounts, our system will recognize that via IP address, and NONE OF YOUR ACCOUNTS will be activated
  2. Negative comments posted within any FriskyFriday comment wall, our team will delete and block you.
  3. While we can’t prevent comments on other Facebook pages, we will highlight your comments in our TROLL SECTION within our Blog]
  4. REPEAT WEEKLY WINNERS: Our contestants can win up to 5 WEEKS in a row, and then the sit-out weeks occur – for those of you emailing us and find this an issue, please read the rules more closely.


In two seasons, has stayed above the drama of other online sites. It’s because of the family nature of our competition, and that everyone supports what we have started…giving contestants the forum and platform to choose how relevant they wish to be within our website.


The contestants that reap the rewards are the ones that reach out to the TOP JUDGES, and it is those judges that support the same contestants over and over. It’s how this site was built, giving both contestants and judges the right to choose to purchase tokens at their pleasure. NO ONE is required or forced to ever purchase tokens — but it’s the same way a BOOSTED post works on Facebook or SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING (buying attention to your brand) works. Our token system is the same kind of idea!

Thank you for keeping a DRAMA FREE site. We do our best to eliminate the bad-apples….they can take their negative comments elsewhere.

Happy Voting – it’s a big week, as we name MISS FRISKY FRIDAY AUGUST

March 3rd, 2017

Season 2 of #FriskyFriday Starts Monday Night: Read What’s New & Exciting!

Before we get to the below updates, we once again bid congratulations to Season 1’s #MissFriskyFriday of the Year, Elizabeth Ess from Ontario, who now is a featured Captain! She edged out fierce competitor and amazing selfie taker, Natalie G! We congratulate her on an amazing run as well!
NEW  CONTESTANTS – Get ready for your social platforms to become more engaging & exciting! It all starts Monday night, at 8pm EST…and runs weekly through Friday at 9pm EST! Yes, we’ve changed it to Monday, so you all have an extra day of rest! (and us)
WEEKLY PRIZE: This year, we’re giving away a $50 Victoria Secret Gift Card & 250 bonus tokens to the first-place winner!
BONUS TOKENS: For Season 2
1) The Top 3 receive bonus tokens, to reward them and give them a small advantage the next week. 1st – 250  2nd – 125  3rd – 75.
2) Snapchats will receive 250 bonus tokens!
3) Refer a Friend receives 250 bonus tokens! Bonus tokens provided the following week of registration (Caps out at 500 max per week) If you refer 4 people to sign up as contestants in a week, that’s 2000 tokens, of which 500 will be delivered the next week. And then 500 the following week. It’s a great way to start the week of right!
JUDGES – It’s your chance, once again, to make a difference and make our contestants ‘HAPPY GALS’.  And we know the girls love showing off what they wear when they use their VS Gift Cards! So come out and support your favorites for Season 2!
SUPER JUDGE – HALLI: We would be remiss if we didn’t thank Top Judge, Halli, as he surpassed over 130,000 tokens/votes last year! Wow! We know the girls love Halli and he has become a household name at #FriskyFriday! Thank you sir! Can’t wait to have you back for Season 2!  Ladies, stop by his profile and post on his wall! He just might back you!! VIEW HALLI’S PROFILE
MONTHLY WINNERS:  Monthly winners from last year can again still win a month this year, however, after securing the monthly title, they are not eligible to win another month the rest of Season 2, and we will HIDE YOU from monthly totals. Remember, points accumulate all year, so your votes still matter, and you can secure weekly titles.  You just won’t show up in the Top 10 monthly rankings, once the monthly resets, as below example shows. If Chrissy won in November, you would not see her listed here.

February 20th, 2017

MissFriskyFriday of the Year: The Season 1 Finals – Natalie G vs. Elizabeth Ess



And here we are. In what was nearly a year in the making, it all comes down to this! Two of our #friskier contestants (and we use that as a term of endearment), both Natalie & Elizabeth bring a unique and compelling edge that fans have come to adore. No matter what happens this week, both have earned a place in #FriskyFriday lure…as our inaugural finalists in what was an amazing Season 1. Outdistancing themselves from the top seeds, their fans have come out to make sure they’ve closed out each Friday with a fury of votes. Both have had a tough path to the finals.


#8 Elizabeth Ess


Number 8 seed Elizabeth Ess had to not only to get passed Number 1 Seed Kristy Valin, she had to overcome an absolutely epic Final 4 matchup against her #MissSocialNetwork nemesis Candice Elizabeth, who was gunning for back-to-back titles. In the Final 4 round, Elizabeth surpassed 17,000 total votes! There’s no telling how many votes it will take to secure the championship round, but we anticipate a fierce battle. Despite not winning a monthly title this year, Elizabeth Ess has earned her spot in the finals. Bottom line, she takes gorgeous selfies, has a personality that magnetically sucks you in, and she’s been with us from the very beginning. We wish her and her fans all the best & thank her for being a great ambassador to the FriskyFriday brand!

#7 Natalie G


In the southern bracket, #7 Seed Natalie G had to overcome a grueling path to the Finals, as she had to overcome #2 Seed Ashley Mac & #6 Seed Vivi Estrada in it! Both of Ashley and Vivi had tremendous support most of the year and there was no telling how many votes it would take to win. Over the last two matchups, Natalie has averaged nearly 5,500 votes per matchup, which shows her fans aren’t afraid to come out and support her. Now, she finds herself in the finals…and, by the type of selfies she takes, we know our judges are PSYCHED to watch her! They anxiously await some of her #Frisky selfies! This stunning beauty has had a combination of sportsmanship and grace all year, and we can’t wait to watch her in the finals!

#FRISKYFRIDAY SnapChat Takeover AWAITS the 2 Finalist

Right now, Elizabeth Ess is scheduled for Tuesday & Thursday. Natalie G is scheduled for Wednesday & Friday.  Find us at “TheFriskyFriday”



0And for those new contestants and judges anxiously waiting for Season 2, it all starts again on March 5th! We can’t wait to see all the fresh frisky faces joining please, tell your friends to join and start getting your judges lined up! We’ve activated all new contestants, so check out their profiles on our homepage!  When Season 2 begins, either Natalie or Elizabeth Ess will be our #MissFriskyFriday of the Year – 2017 and our newest Captain. It’s a shame one of them has to lose!


When Season 2 begins, either Natalie or Elizabeth Ess will be our #MissFriskyFriday of the Year – 2017 and our newest Captain. It’s a shame one of them has to lose! We wish them and their fans the best of luck! Thank you for all the support you’ve given #FriskyFriday this year. We can’t wait for the future!


February 1st, 2017

An Inside Look At Our Elite 8 Contestants – Let The Games Begin!

Can you believe we’ve made it to the Elite 8? Beginning tonight at 8 pm EST, the finalists embark on a 9-day sprint towards The Final 4!  Sadly, only one of these beauties will win a 2017 Captainship, $1,000, and become the face of FriskyFriday in 2017. We really do L.O.V.E. all of these ladies, so it sucks that after this round, 4 of them will say goodbye to Season 1. Each, in there own way, has added so much value to #FriskyFriday this year. And ironically, 7 of the top 8 seeds have moved into The Elite 8.




Here’s a look at the impeding battle for the Final 4…an inside analysis of the gorgeous group that are in contention for #MissFriskyFriday of the Year!

In our North Bracket, we have our #1 Seed Kristy Valin, our Miss August, taking on #8 Seed Elizabeth Ess.


Number 1 Seed: Kristy Valin: Here she is, our lovely Miss August 2016, to the surprise of no one, comes in as our top seed! There’s no doubt she has the social strategy and fan base that can lead her to the title. Just as important, her consistent updates, unparalleled promotion, and connection to her fan base has validated her number 1 seeding. And, if you haven’t noticed, she has an amazing You Tube channel that you must check out. If you’e been living in a cave this year, you also might have missed the fact that she has the most adorable cat named PIN! Bottom line, Kristy has earned the tremendous support she’s had all year and has represented Canada well. Her edginess, sexiness, and social prowess has made her a Season 1 #FriskyFriday powerhouse. We can’t identify anyone else that has captured our fan base the way Kristy did. And a big part of it is not just her ‘hot ass selfies’, it’s the fact that she has personality to boot! She’s absolutely charming, engaging, and hot…and we are pumped to watch this next matchup. Bottom line, her personality compliments her sex appeal…which makes her one heck of a package! Hence, her #1 seeding. And, with an impending battle against fellow Canadian and selfie-powerhouse, Elizabeth Ess, this is shaping up to be a battle for the ages…one of our most intriguing matchups!

essNumber 8 Seed: Elizabeth Ess: Let’s just say Elizabeth Ess has a way to captivate you with her selfies. Shot for shot, there isn’t anyone better in capturing the moment (maybe Natalie G is close). But what we love about Ms. Ess is the creativity combined with sex-appeal when she snaps those selifes! Can you believe this matchup is a battle of Canadians? That, to me, makes it even more captivating…and it sucks that one will finish out of the money!  Let’s just lay it out there…Elizabeth Ess has been one of the most consistent participants all year. There’s just something unique about her photogenic, edgy, sassy selfies! She definitely captivates her fan base & has a sex appeal that captures us all! If you follower her on Twitter, and her other platforms, she seems like one cool-ass chick! We love that she’s not afraid to show off her beautiful selfies to the world…and we absolutely adore her #Friskiness! No matter what happens, Elizabeth Ess has certainly become a relevant participant within the #FriskyFriday family, and we can’t wait to watch this matchup. It should be one for the ages!  #GoCanda

As we move down the brackets, the 2nd battle within our Northern Brackets bring us to our #5 Seed Candice Elizabeth against #20 Seed Dstyle. This is going to be an interesting battle!




Number 5 Seed: Candice Elizabeth: Our Miss April 2016, from the beautiful land of Australia, was our Spring surprise, as she came out of the gates fast with massive support from the judges! Beyond the fact that she’s a drop-dead bombshell, Candice Elizabeth has a way to make personal connections with her supporters. She has an overwhelming amount of fans that engage with her on her social channels ,and we can’t wait to watch her in the Elite 8. When it comes to competitions, she has tremendous experience, as she was Playboy Miss Social in August 2014, and just this week captured the Miss Social Network Model of the Year, where ironically, she went up against the stunning Elizabeth Ess, who finished as the 1st-Runner Up! Guess what, they are on a path to meet in The Final 4…Could you image that rematch? Candice Elizabeth has a been a great friend and supporter of FriskyFriday since Day 1. If there’s one thing you do over the next few days, beyond voting for her, you have to check out her gorgeous website….and we mean GORGEOUS. Click here! Bottom line, you have to follow her on social media, because she WON’T let you down! And she a great habit of engaging with her followers! Candice Elizabeth has been a pleasure to work with & she would be an amazing Captain as well! Let’ see what happens! Will she meet Elizabeth Ess in the Final 4? Ms. Valin & Dstyle may have something to say about that!


Number 20 Seed: Dstyle: Now, take a look at her stunning competitor, Dstyle! Have you checked out any of her social platforms? They provide an ambitious display of beauty, art, and sex appeal…and it’s no shock that she’s in The Elite 8. As she says, “Modeling is my passion”, and what’s ironic about this matchup is the fact that both these models have worked with amazing photographers, and they have a tremendous portfolio! Unlike most contestants, Dstyle & Candice Elizabeth have a ‘huge portfolio’ of professional shots. Dstyle brings a slightly different twist to our #FriskyFriday site, but that’s what we love about diversity. In a word, Dstyle is a ‘bombshell’, and she doesn’t hesitate to show off for the camera. For those of you don’t know, Dstyle was Miss IBMS December 2015 too, so she knows a thing or two about winning big competitions. In addition, she also was a top-contender over at Miss Social Network, where she battled in this years Vote-Off, as their Miss March 2016. We wish her luck in her quest for The Final 4! We anticipate a great battle!

Now, moving to the South Bracket, with 4 more fabulous ladies! Let’s first take a look at #3 Seed Miss March, Jaclyn Kimbrough vs. #6 Seed vs. Miss December, Vivi Estrada!


Number 3 Seed: Jaclyn Kimbrough: What a season our #3 Seed Jaclyn Kimbrough had! Not only has she been one of the most ‘down to earth’ contestants we’ve had, she has the ability to lure you in with her charm (and seductive singing voice…more on that later). She has been a wonderful demeanor, a sultry seductive look, and a southern charm that attracts us all to her. And by the way, as mentioned, you have to listen to her gorgeous voice by checking out her You Tube channel…DO IT!  She won’t let you down. Her voice will captivate you. What we love about Jaclyn is she’s been making an impact with FriskyFriday since Day 1! If you’re a judge, you know Jaclyn as she was one of our premiere participants that made a HUGE impact on Season 1, winning our fist monthly title, Miss March 2016! And here she is, no coincidence, showing off in The Elite 8! As she says, “Life is a gift & I try my very best to live each day as if it were my last & take nothing for granted.” And yes, that is a winning attitude that we admire!  Finally, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention her two lovely boys! She’s definitely a proud mamma! She would make an amazing Captain in Season 2, as we look at her as a great mentor in life! We can’t wait to watch her 🙂


Number 6 Seed: Vivi Estrada! Talk about consistency & beauty, all in one! It’s Miss December, Vivi! If you haven’t noticed, we’ve had Vivi Estrada’s picture on the homepage most of the year! Why? It just captured the essence of what #FriskyFriday was about (and it didn’t hurt that she was in a #FriskyFriday tank top!) Vivi has that enduring look that always reels you in…and as she notes in her profile, she’s ‘an international published model and has be in over 15 magazines!’ Wow…so much for selfies, eh? 🙂 And yes, her portfolio is stunning! You have to take a look when you have a second, and we recommend you checking out her INSTAGRAM!  Her pictures won’t let you down!  After a consistent season of regularly being in the Top 10, she finally captured the Miss December title, surprising no one. We hate to be overly descriptive, when it comes to our narrative, but Vivi has a slamming body (ok, we said it). But it’s her personality and vibrant smile that always shines through…in all her pictures! We can’t wait to watch this beauty compete & love that she’s made it this far!


And finally, without further delay, we look at our final matchup. This one, to the #FriskyFriday staff, might just be the most interesting one to watch (along with the Canadian Battle).Why is this so interesting? Because it brings together two #FriskyFriday powerhouses that were as consistently promoting all year, making massive connections with our fans and judges! And, I think they’ve also become very cordial with each other, so this matchup has the makings to be epic! While we couldn’t be happier for both of these beauties, it absolutely stinks that one of them will go home after this matchup.


Number 2 Seed: Ashley Mac: We’ve been saying this all year “MAC IS BACK”. Here’s our lovely Miss May! This Philly native has literally taken #FriskyFriday by storm, since the very beginning…and she’s done it with elegance, class, subdued sexiness, and a vibrant personality that clearly comes out in her social posts! When it comes to selfies, it’s all about style. And Ashley Mac projects ‘the girl next door’ look better than most on our site…which makes her the perfect ‘selfie-taker’ (is that a word?) In addition, do you remember we made the ‘Ashley Mac’ rule? Yup, she was winning back to back to back to back (in August), and we had to figure out a rule for all contestants!  Ashley also has a great way of engaging both with the judges & contestants, and has had such a positive impact on the #FriskyFriday brand during Season 1. We also had the privilege of conducting her Frisky Friday Digital Tear photo shoot, which happened to be her ‘first-ever’ semi-professional photo shoot (and we met her lovely mom). In a nutshell, Ashley Mac represents what our brand is about…the power of a simple selfie. Here’s someone that never competed in an online contest, was initially shy about putting herself out there, and now, she’s on the precibus of making The Final 4. What an accomplishment! We can’t wait to watch her, as she is up against Natalie G, one of our most prolific selfie-takers! Good luck Ashley!


Number 7 Seed: Natalie G: Let’s just say, the more you watch Natalie, the more you wonder how she’s not a Top 3 seed? Right? Natalie G...our #7 Seed…and our Miss July! It’s the battle of our summer loves, Natalie v. Ashley! And their styles could not be more opposite! One look at Natalie and you say…WOW. The tattoos, the provocative smile, the red-tint glazing from her hair…and the creative and highly frisky selfies make you want more of her! But, what really stands out to our staff is the positive attitude she brings to the competition. Have you notice her supportive comments in the galleries of other contestants? We have…and we know our judges recognize that too!  It just goes to show that hottness and personality make for a deadly combination. There’s an endearing quality to what Natalie brings to….and yes, we all want more! If we were trying to hammer 3 words that exemplify Natalie….it’s sexiness…edginess…and personality…an amazing package that clearly is representative of the #FriskyFriday brand. And we love the fact thatNatalie isn’t shy! We know her fans love that about her!  By the way, did you know that she won Playboy’s Miss Social back in December 2013? So she’s been down this road…and understands the ups and downs of online contests. Finally, and we have to mention this…Natalie is an amazing mother of a beautiful daughter! How amazing is that! As she says in her profile, ‘my favorite things to do are workout, swim, bike, travel, bake/cook, and of course, take sexy photos’! Sound like the perfect package!!! Another stunning Canadian, going for the title! Good luck


October 29th, 2016

10 #FriskyFriday Tips For New Contestants to Thrive

As Season 2 heads towards is ready to roll, we wanted to provide contestants insider tips on what we’ve seen working with some of our top contestants. Good luck as you participate in our unprecedented competition, where #SelfiesRule.

And we can’t wait to see who makes the final Top 32 this year! How many girls will repeat? We have no idea! Remember, The top point leaders will return to compete in our January 2018 Bracket Challenge Invitational:

  1.          Consider creating a Facebook Fan page as it separates your personal FB page from your contesting page (build your own online brand through a Fan Page). Do this within your      Facebook settings, it’s very simple and it allows you to be a little edgier, and those have the option of ‘opting-in’ to follow you. It’s also easier to share Fan pages than personal pages, especially for businesses like ours: Creating a Fan Page
    • Instagram is ‘a must’ if you are looking for ‘direct response’ to your selfie posts. We can help grow your Instagram by reposting selfies we are tagged in. Make sure you tag:  @MissFriskyFriday, Use the hashtags: #MissFriskyFriday & #FriskyFriday. Most importantly, if you’re in the final hours of ‘trying to win’, put the direct link to your FriskyFriday gallery in your Instagram Profile (go to your Instagram settings to add your profile link). This allows users to click directly to your #FriskyFriday gallery.
    • Twitter is extremely relevant within the #FriskyFriday community because of the powerful hashtag. It’s also a very visual platform for those that follow you. We know many of you don’t use Twitter, but consider starting an account if you really want to go viral and attract new judges and especially if modeling is in your future. Miss May, Ashley Mac went from zero to 1,000 followers relatively quickly, since joining us and embracing it. She now has 1700! The more followers, the more relevant you become online. Tweet at us & we’ll share: @TheFriskyFriday
    • Keys To Attracting Judge & Gaining Vote: Engage the judges by posting comments on their walls. Also, post welcome message within other Contestants walls. Why? Because their fans will now see you and discover your profile! You also will build allies and supporters, drawing more attention to your profile. You also will build allies and supporters, becoming more relevant. A comment is basically your own little advertisement within our powerful network…you never know who might just discover you
    • In your ABOUT US section of your profile, please be descriptive. Your description makes you stand out and connects you with our audience. It makes you ‘real’ and allows us to give you a big shout out when we announce you on Facebook.
    • To get comfortable with the rules & our point system, review them here: RULES
    • The purchasing of tokens is a system that works and benefits contestants looking to harness immediate exposure. The majority of contestants buy tokens, to compliment judge purchases. And if the contest is in reach, make a late move and you just might be surprised to capture the week! Remember, you are able to create immediate online relevancy and tokens help build your personal brand and allows you to be discovered! Administered securely by PayPal, your purchases are 100% guaranteed. If you intend on competing, buy them in advance on weekends as you will get a 25% token bonus.
    • Change your selfie regularly – it keeps your fresh & keeps the judges engaged! Get creative girls…your selfie sells your brand to the judges!
    • The Top 32 (with the most points) return in January, for our epic Bracket Challenge Invitational, to compete for our Grand Prize, the title #MissFriskyFriday of the Year and a cash prize. The Top 5 weekly finishers receive points each week, that accumulate all year!
    • One final tip – if you notice it’s a slow week, $25 gives you 250. There have been a few weeks when the top contestant failed to hit 1,000 votes. Had someone purchased tokens just before the reset, they would have captured the crown for the week, and 25 points and the $50 gift card!

Good luck everyone and thanks for being with #FriskyFriday!

September 22nd, 2016

Funeral Director From Hell Snaps Selfies With Caskets & Hearses

In a time of sadness, the last thing anyone wants is for the funeral director to show a lack of compassion, let alone exploit the ones he’s supposed to be helping. Well just when you think you’ve seen it all in the selfie-world, there’s Funeral Director David L. Jones, from Houston.


Editorial Note: From DallasNews – as first reported by Hannah Wise

A Houston funeral home director has been accused of taking selfies with hearses and caskets and posting them on his Facebook.

Rose Molina told KTRK-TV in Houston that she saw David L. Jones snapping selfies with her cousin’s hearse as his casket was loaded into the vehicle.

“You could see that he had it kind of angled, you know, you have it positioned in a certain way to catch the background,” Molina told KTRK.

When she asked Jones if he had just taken a photo, he told her that he was fixing his tie.

Read More  

September 4th, 2016

Our Head-Into-Fall Token Incentive: 2nd through 5th Receive Bonus Tokens

As we head towards the final push of Season 1, entering the frantic Fall season, we wanted to provide an incentive to those contestants that finish in the Top 5. As you know, 1st place receives $150. Moving forward, we will reward 2nd place through 5th, with BONUS TOKENS for the new week. Here’s how it works:


2nd place: 150 Free Tokens

3rd place: 100 Free Tokens

4th place: 75 Free Tokens

5th place: 50 Free Tokens 

Our Casting Division at FriskyFriday wants to reward consistency, and now, contestants that finish in the Top 5 have the opportunity to jump out to a great start the following week! This program goes into affect this week…so good luck & happy voting!

August 28th, 2016

It’s a #DOUBLESHOT Week at #FriskyFriday – We Name Miss August Wednesday night, at Midnight EST!

Welcome to one of the more interesting weeks for any contestant, particularly the new ones that are just getting to understand the dynamics of our weekly competition. So what is a #DoubleShot week you ask?

  1. We name #MissFriskyFriday of the Month – The contestant with the most monthly votes come 12am EST, September 1st
  2. The weekly contest continues through Friday, at 9pm EST, when the contestant with the most weekly votes will be named #MissFriskyFriday of the Week

So yes, it’s a more complex week for newer contestants, especially if a battle for the monthly title occurs. Currently, here’s how the monthly rankings are shaking out, as of 9:30pm EST on Sunday:


It’s not out of the realm of possibility that a new contestant can choose to make a move on the month as well, but we right now, Kristy, Casey, Constance, and Chrissy Marie are currently positioned to make a clear run. Nonetheless, we wanted everyone to understand what exactly it means, when we say it’s a #DoubleShot week!

Good luck to the awesome ladies competing. We can’t wait to see who wins Miss August…she’ll also receive 20 bonus points towards her overall Invitational seeding!

August 28th, 2016

The ‘AshleyMac’ Rule Goes Into Affect with 3+ More Weekly Consecutive Victories

Many you have just witnessed a great run for our Miss May, Ashley Mac…who has had an unprecedented August! As a previous monthly winner (within a Season), she is ineligible to win another monthly title. However, we still allow monthly winners to compete for the weekly title, accumulate monthly votes, and retain points that become very valuable as we approach the Bracket Challenge Invitational in January.

When a contestant hits three consecutive weekly wins, that is when we activate our ‘repeat winner’ notification. The victorious repeat winner has the right to win as many as five weeks in a row, however, after three consecutive weekly titles, the contestant may choose to take herself out of the competition, adhering to a policy that we now will call “The Ashley Mac Rule”.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Win 3 Consecutive Weeks: The contestant can choose to sit out the next two weeks
  2. Win 4 Consecutive Weeks: The contestant can choose to sit out the next three weeks
  3. Win 5 Consecutive Weeks: Mandatory 4 week sit-out occurs

Follow Ashley on Instagram (Click Pic)


Ashley has removed herself this week, aftter 4 consecutive weeks, and earning $600 in prize money & 100 pts! She’s currently our #1 Seed for the Bracket Challenge Invitatonal, and we will re-add her to the homepage & rankings Friday at 9pm EST.

Typically, the contestant would move into Free Agent Status during their ‘sit-out’ weeks. Moving forward, that will happen. But this week, the site is adding technical updates. Right now, you won’t see Ashley Mac in our top rankings, but she will re-appear in our Rankings Friday night.  However, have no fear…to all her staunch supporters, you can still find her where her gallery lives: ASHLEY MAC GALLERY

This policy is open for enhancements, but we decided to start with these conditions. Thank you for your continued support of what is becoming the most revolutionary online contest for women with the sexiest, cutest selfies!

August 11th, 2016

An Inside Look At Weekly Voting Analytics & Summer Trends That May Help Contestants

In what has been a typical summer, with vacations, travel, and outdoor activities dominating most of our lives, the dog days of summer historically is a great time to make a move in an online contest, solidifying points for the Bracket Challenge Invitational Rankings, and also earn some extra cash if you happen to win the week. Here’s are some interesting ‘inside analytics’ about the weekly voting…but remember, it’s no guarantee that history will repeat itself.


If you have noticed, three of the last five weeks, the winner did not surpass 1,000 total votes. Overall, only 4 of the 27 measurable weeks has the weekly winner failed to net 1,000 votes. These weeks were wide open for someone to make a last minute move and capture the $150 weekly prize and 25 points.

While traffic and new registrants/signups to the site has been extraordinary this summer, the voting for online contests is historically light during the outdoor season. Also, many are still getting to know and understand how the contest works, as the majority of our contestants have never competed in an online contest. And quite frankly, many judges have summer distractions going on too.

Here’s some inside analytics from this season which will provide you a clearer understanding of how voting has been working:


** Had a contestant or judge purchased $100 in tokens (1,100 tokens) in the final minutes of the last couple weeks, and dropped them on any contestant, that single purchase would have taken anyone in the competition over the top, giving them $150 and 25 points towards the Invitational Rankings ** Below are the analytics of the 27 weeks of voting, removing the highest week and the lowest week totals: 



What does this tell us? Who really knows…because you can’t ever predict when a battle between two contestants will actually come down to the wire. But most online contests have the temperament of a poker game, knowing when to hold them or when to fold them…or when to go all in!

Based on historical vote patterns with online contests, the next few weeks may provide a great opportunity to make a move, as we head towards our epic Bracket Challenge Invitational in January, when the Top 32 Point Leaders return to battle for our #MissFriskyFriday of the Year Title, and a minimum Grand Prize of $2,500!

To be clear, historical data does not guarantee to repeat itself, but at the very least this data provides a guide as to what the voting analytics are telling those that compete. Good luck everyone!! And thanks for making Season 1 an amazing success!

March 6th, 2016

Every #SexySundays: Pop-Up Twitter Contest & #SundaySale!

#SUNDAYSALE – 20% BONUS TOKENS: If you plan on competing or supporting a contestant this week, consider purchasing advanced tokens during our #SundaySales Event – each and every Sunday! This allows you to get a jump on the competition, being featured in our Top 10 well in advance of when things really heat up later in the week. Our goal is to help you build online relevancy, and you can do so by getting of to a fast start each week! Your bonus tokens add up, so take advantage by purchasing in advance on Sunday’s. We will deposit your bonus tokens into your account no later than Monday!


Logged in Members: Purchase Bonus Tokens Here


March 5th, 2016

A Quick Overview for New Contestants!


First, thank you all for joining the FriskyFriday family! What an overwhelming start to FriskyFriday’s Season 1 it has been! Ashley’s presence has created amazing excitement for the entire family. For the new contestants just joining, we wanted to give you a brief overview of how the contest works. But first, a couple tips: 1) You may want to consider creating a Facebook Fan Page (which you can do within your personal settings) in order to separate your private page from your competing persona. 2) We encourage your to consider adding Twitter, as the hashtag #FriskyFriday is very relevant, and it will add to our ability to virally promote you and your selfie (it’s not required, and we understand Twitter is an ‘acquired taste’ for many of you.

We encourage you to dive into the RULES. As with any reality show, expect the unexpected…as you never know what’s around the corner! Bottom line, your life just got a whole lot more exciting if you choose to be active, engage,and participate each week! Here’s a snapshot of where we are headed and how the contest works:

Season 1 Launched March 20th 

  1. Season 1 Runs from Friday March 20th through Friday December 30th 
  2. Each week, the contest starts at 8pm EST on Sunday and we crown #MissFriskyFriday of the Week on Friday at 9pm EST
  3. The weekly contestant with the most votes is crowned #MissFriskyFriday of the Week and receives 25 points!
  4. The Contestant with the most monthly votes crowned #MissFriskyFriday of the Month, exclusively featured on our homepage all month, and receives 20 bonus points!
  5. The TOP 32 Contestants with the MOST SEASON 1 Points qualify for the Miss FriskyFriday of the Year Bracket Challenge Invitational
  6. The Invitational is Five Rounds – Beginning Sunday January 8th – with one sole survivor!
  7. GRAND PRIZE: CASH PRIZE – Minimum $2,500 and also other sponsorship packages for winners may be available – Branded in 2017 as our #MissFriskyFriday of the Year!

How do you accumulate points?  Weekly #MissFriskyFriday of the Week – The Top 5 weekly receive points each week!


Click here for for Rules

  1. The Top 5 Contestants each week receive points (25 – 10 – 6 – 4 – 2)
  2. Their Captain receives corresponding points
  3. Points accumulate all year
  4. If a contestant is tied in points at the end of the year, the tie-breaker is ALL-TIME VOTES
  5. Cash prize given to each weekly winner (Currently $150 per week)
  6. Bonus points provided to Top 3 Monthly Vote Leaders!

Monthly Vote Leader Crowned #MissFriskyFriday of the Month


Click: See who’s leading this month!

  1. On the last day of the month, we lock in total monthly votes at midnight on the 1st
  2. The Monthly Winner receives 20 bonus points
  3. #MissFriskyFriday of the Month receives a beautiful cover/collage, digital tear sheet (magazine cover) and promotion & recognition across all our platforms

How to Vote? The Token System (Judges/Contestants – Create no more than 2 accounts) 

  1. Each week, Contestants & Judges receive 5 FREE TOKENS
  2. It’s the choice of the Contestant or Judge to purchase additional tokens
  3. Contestants can vote for themselves or anyone else they choose
  4. Our contest is built to provide MASSIVE EXPOSURE, through the power of a selfie – the token system gives you the power of what level of exposure you choose
  5. The way a business uses GOOGLE for Paid Search Engine Discovery, look at as the platform to help create you own online personal brand through tokens purchases
  6. Our job is to provide as much exposure to you, the contestants – helping you build your personal brand.
  7. Provide your fans and friends the link to register as a JUDGE:



Pliease LIKE our Facebook

  1. The best way is to copy and paste your link from your FriskyFriday profile, to your Twitter, Instagram, &  Facebook page
  2. Contestants should make sure your primary picture posted to social media is Facebook compliant (if it’s too edgy, please manually change it before posting to Facebook)
  3. FACEBOOK: Follow us on Facebook at MissFriskyFriday. We recommend that you create a Fan Page for your online contest promotions – By creating a Facebook Fan Page – you separate your personal social page from your online contest persona (and it makes it easier for us to direct link you in posts)
  4. TWITTER: Tweet @TheFriskyFriday – and we will continually retweet you! The more you are engaged, the more you will reap the viral reward that comes with being in our contest
  5. INSTAGRAM: Our Instagram is found @MissFriskyFriday

Welcome to the most exciting online reality competition for the most beautiful women and their sexiest selfies! Thanks for being a part of our family.



February 28th, 2016

Your Monthly Vote Totals Matter: #MissFriskyFriday of the Month!


Click for the Current Monthly Leaders


Even though contestants are battling for the Weekly Title, let’s just say that YOUR MONTHLY VOTES MATTER! And they matter during the pre-season phase and into Season 1. The contestant with the most monthly votes will be featured as #MissFriskyFriday of the Month, highlighted on our homepage! That’s right, even though the weekly title is the most important aspect of our competition for both points and exposure, our staff wants to make sure we recognize the contestant that secures the most votes in any given month.They will be crowned #MissFriskyFriday of the Month!

This means that the last week of every month should be one of the more active weeks! Our goal is to make this contest as compelling, rewarding, and engaging as possible…and that’s why your monthly vote totals matter! Here’s what #MissFriskyFriday of the Month will receive:

  1. 20 BONUS POINTS FOR most monthly votes
  2. Second Place receives 10 points & Third Place receives 5 points – all votes for March count – including Pre-Season Votes!
  3. Featured on the #MissFriskyFriday of the Month Cover Collage (Artwork similar to a Magazine Cover) & a Cover on our Homepage!
  4. We created a page where you can see the Monthly Rankings here:

You will see the MONTHLY VOTES locked in here once midnight hits on the 1st of the month – crowning #MissFriskyFriday of the Month!!


Click pic to go to monthly archive section

February 28th, 2016

Weekly Sunday Sale: Your 20% Token Bonus!



As we you get comfortable with the point and voting system, know that every Sunday we will have our #SundaySale, where you can get a jump on the week by receiving Bonus Tokens for your Sunday purchases. All tokens that are purchased on Sunday’s will receive a 20% bonus. The Bonus will be deposited in your accounts within 24 hours!

For Judges, Sponsors, Models, and Fans, if you plan on being active during the week, make sure you purchase advance tokens during our Sunday sale! Remember, it’s our job to help take your selfies viral! it’s your job to show it off at Experience the fun and excitement by competing each week! Thank you all for being a part of the most exciting online competition where SELFIES RULE the day!

February 11th, 2016

Free Agents & New Contestants: Pick Your Captain on Weekends!


This is just a reminder to all registered users that want to participate in the weekly competition:

  1. Captains can only be selected when the weekly competition is paused
  2. We pause on the weekends – from 9pm EST on Friday through 8pm Sunday EST
  3. If you don’t pick a Captain, your VOTE BUTTON will not turn on and you’ll have to wait until the next week

February 1st, 2016

What You Need to Know As You Embark On Your Journey!

We wanted to make sure you know what to expect as we embark on this exciting journey together! Here are a few important items we pulled off our our RULES PAGE, as you participate in our Pre-Season Weekly Cash Challenges, leading up to the March 20th launch date. We encourage you to review the RULES TAB at the top of the site, but here are the CLIFF NOTES you need to know:

**NOTE – Contestants that join when the weekly contest is active (Sun 8pm EST through Fri 9pm), you will be unable to select your Captain until the weekly contest is over! **

–>YOUR COMPETING SELFIE: Please try and regularly update your selfie to keep the contest fresh, engaging, and entertaining for your fans and judges. This site was built for weekly engagement, and it all starts and stops with your profile picture! Your gallery may contain any kind of shot, professional or selfies.


Click to view Captains

–>THE CAPTAINS & THE SELECTION PROCESS:  As most of you know, the stunning Misty Kemp (pictured above) was selected as our 1st Captain, as she won our 1st Annual Bracket Challenge Invitational! We’ve added the social network queen, reality show star, and entrepreneur Ashley Alexiss too! Jessie Storie is also a Captain, as she was heavily involved at the height of Playboy Miss Social, the once powerhouse contest that is no longer around!. They all are  tremendous ambassadors to, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have them with us.   Most importantly, we are looking for Captains with a large social footprint that conduct themselves with class, dignity, sportsmanship, and can be mentors to their teams. As new Captains are selected, they will bring new fans and followers not just to, but to every competing contestant!

–>THE POINT SYSTEM: Points accumulate all year! And you want to end up in the Top 32 at the end of Season 1!

–>WEEKLY WINNER VALIDATION: We have a strict verification process to make sure we don’t get Catfished! (Two forms of ID & a Selfie In front of a Mirror)

–>THE TOKEN VOTING SYSTEM: Our Unique Token System allows models, fans, and judges the choice on whether to invest in their aspiring path by purchasing tokens. This system provides   models/contestants an enhanced opportunity to show themselves off to the world, predominately being featured at the forefront of the Brand. You and your fans still receive free weekly tokens — the more viral you take yourself the more awareness you will build. Weekly challenges may also give you the opportunity to win bonus tokens! Bottom line, it’s the choice of you and your fans to invest in tokens or not.

–>#MISSFRISKYFRIDAY of the MONTH: The Contestant with the most votes, at midnight on the 1st day of the month, will be crowned our Monthly Winner, and predominately featured on our homepage!



–>STAY FACEBOOK COMPLIANT: Make sure you keep you FACEBOOK compliant, with the pictures you post. They do not allow implied edgy shots. Make sure you manually change your picture on Facebook (if it’s too edgey), especially when you upload your link to your profile directly on your page! You determine the level of viral promotion you receive, and then you have your CAPTAINS and your TEAM MEMBERS to give you that extra bump!

–>A HUGE THANK YOU: Thank you for being a part of! We are an anti-drama, anti-bullying site. We have a zero tolerance for those to make this about them, and not the group. We reserve the right to make decisions in the best interest of the company, should you slander, demean, or cause irrevocable harm to the brand or any contestant. Let’s keep it classy girls! (AND ESPECIALLY JUDGES!!). Let’s do this!



December 13th, 2015

What Does the FriskyFriday Brand Mean to our Contestants? A Must Read!


The explosive reason, with no uncertainty, will revolutionize the online social network modeling community is as simple as a selfie! No longer will intimidation be a factor for those wishing to be a part of an online modeling competition simply because they don’t have professional portfolio. It doesn’t matter anymore! Finally, a contest that is literally open to all the beautiful woman, over the age of 18, that owns nothing more than a digital camera!, using one of the most powerful and recognizable hashtags in the world (#FriskyFriday) is taking the selfie obsession to another level.

The earliest use of the word selfie can be traced as far back as 2002. And we all know how Friday has become synonymous with the word Frisky. Combing these two mega words aligns you with an unprecedented opportunity to show yourself off to the world…using your own creativity, sexiness, and personality. Because contestants are required to use ‘recent selfies’, you will know you are dealing with real people with recent pictures.

Because FriskyFriday is open to the vast masses of woman 18+, our website provides a vehicle for contestants to be discovered and viewed by the world. Trust us, you will be contacted by photographers who think you are gorgeous. No longer will your selfies hide behind your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter profiles. Combining the power of a team concept, where Captains will be your mentors & leaders, our brand takes you to the forefront of the social network modeling community unlike any other online contest. We are inclusive, not exclusive. We are @TheFriskyFriday…a powerful brand unlike any other! Come join the fun & exposure…Welcome to


February 8th, 2015

Selfie Must Be Recent & Verification Will Take Place

All winning models must represent themselves based on who they are today, not what they were years ago! can only control things within our realm, and part of that is protecting the integrity of our brand. Not only are winning models required to provide 2 forms of ID, but they also may be required to fill out a 1099. In addition, a ‘Thank You selfie’ will be required for use on our site! You must provide this real-time picture to finalize verification.

Bottom line, we DO NOT want aspiring models using out-dated selfies from years ago. We want this to be real, and there is nothing wrong if you are 45 or 25, but we will protect the integrity of our brand by verifying your pictures are recent. Don’t bother competing if you choose to use outdated pictures from years past. Models that also use the same picture over-and-over will be told to submit a new, updated picture.

We reserve the right to remove you from the competition if you misrepresent who you are today, in real time. is about today’s pictures, and not form year’s past. Please adhere to this policy so we don’t make it awkward for you or your fans.

February 8th, 2015

Season 1 Point System: Models & Captains Receive Points

Because Captains are not competing for individual votes, they are reliant on their team to accumulate points. When one of their models finishes in the Top 5, the Captain will receive the corresponding amount of points. More exciting is the fact that Captains can win a cash prize every week their models finish first!

1ST place (25pts)

2nd place (10pts)

3rd place (6 pts)

4th place (4 pts)

5th place (2pts)

February 8th, 2015

Coming in March: Season 1 – How does it work?

After our Invitational Challenge is over, we turn our attention to what will be the most exciting online weekly competition in the world…Season 1!  So please register during the month long Bracket Challenge competition! We created the Invitational to build hype and discover other top contestants that want to be a part of Season 1. We are still looking for CAPTAINS! So if you have a tremendous social network presence, have competed and won online contests in the past, WANTS YOU!. We are selecting an additional 5 to 6 Team Captains for Season 1. Our first Captain comes from our Pre-Season Invitational that is going on now! So how will the weekly contest work?

Every week, we will have a contest (specific timeframe still be determined). When the weekly contest launches, the contestants VOTE BUTTON will appear in their gallery.Contestants & Fans have the choice to purchase additional tokens, to assist in the voting process, providing vast exposure to competing models! Captains do not receive votes, only their team members do. On Friday at 9pm EST, the contestant with the most votes is named #MissFriskyFriday of the Week and receives 25 points and a cash prize. Her Captain also receives 25 points & a cash prize! The weekly winner is featured on the homepage for the week and she is shared virally, receiving massive exposure as the weekly winner of The top four weekly runner-ups also receive points, along with their respective Captains.

At the end of the season (Dec 2016), the contestants that have accumulated the most points (The Top 32), compete in a Bracket Challenge, where we crown #MissFriskyFriday of the Year, and a new Captains from the Bracket Challenge! The Captain with the most points from Season 1 retains her Captainship for Season 2, and continues to have the chance to win a weekly cash prize!

NOTE: Contestants can change Team Captains anytime during the year. As in any reality competition, we always say “expect the unexpected”. Team Captains with the lowest amount of points may be eliminated anytime. If that occurs, contestants aren’t eliminated, but they simply pick a new captain! (Note: Contestants can change Captains anytime during the Season). Get ready for the most exciting selfie competition in the world! We are #FriskyFriday! Only @TheFriskyFriday (on Twitter). Welcome to!