10 #FriskyFriday Tips For New Contestants to Thrive

October 29th, 2016

As Season 2 heads towards is ready to roll, we wanted to provide contestants insider tips on what we’ve seen working with some of our top contestants. Good luck as you participate in our unprecedented competition, where #SelfiesRule.

And we can’t wait to see who makes the final Top 32 this year! How many girls will repeat? We have no idea! Remember, The top point leaders will return to compete in our January 2018 Bracket Challenge Invitational:

  1.          Consider creating a Facebook Fan page as it separates your personal FB page from your contesting page (build your own online brand through a Fan Page). Do this within your      Facebook settings, it’s very simple and it allows you to be a little edgier, and those have the option of ‘opting-in’ to follow you. It’s also easier to share Fan pages than personal pages, especially for businesses like ours: Creating a Fan Page
    • Instagram is ‘a must’ if you are looking for ‘direct response’ to your selfie posts. We can help grow your Instagram by reposting selfies we are tagged in. Make sure you tag:  @MissFriskyFriday, Use the hashtags: #MissFriskyFriday & #FriskyFriday. Most importantly, if you’re in the final hours of ‘trying to win’, put the direct link to your FriskyFriday gallery in your Instagram Profile (go to your Instagram settings to add your profile link). This allows users to click directly to your #FriskyFriday gallery.
    • Twitter is extremely relevant within the #FriskyFriday community because of the powerful hashtag. It’s also a very visual platform for those that follow you. We know many of you don’t use Twitter, but consider starting an account if you really want to go viral and attract new judges and especially if modeling is in your future. Miss May, Ashley Mac went from zero to 1,000 followers relatively quickly, since joining us and embracing it. She now has 1700! The more followers, the more relevant you become online. Tweet at us & we’ll share: @TheFriskyFriday
    • Keys To Attracting Judge & Gaining Vote: Engage the judges by posting comments on their walls. Also, post welcome message within other Contestants walls. Why? Because their fans will now see you and discover your profile! You also will build allies and supporters, drawing more attention to your profile. You also will build allies and supporters, becoming more relevant. A comment is basically your own little advertisement within our powerful network…you never know who might just discover you
    • In your ABOUT US section of your profile, please be descriptive. Your description makes you stand out and connects you with our audience. It makes you ‘real’ and allows us to give you a big shout out when we announce you on Facebook.
    • To get comfortable with the rules & our point system, review them here: RULES
    • The purchasing of tokens is a system that works and benefits contestants looking to harness immediate exposure. The majority of contestants buy tokens, to compliment judge purchases. And if the contest is in reach, make a late move and you just might be surprised to capture the week! Remember, you are able to create immediate online relevancy and tokens help build your personal brand and allows you to be discovered! Administered securely by PayPal, your purchases are 100% guaranteed. If you intend on competing, buy them in advance on weekends as you will get a 25% token bonus.
    • Change your selfie regularly – it keeps your fresh & keeps the judges engaged! Get creative girls…your selfie sells your brand to the judges!
    • The Top 32 (with the most points) return in January, for our epic Bracket Challenge Invitational, to compete for our Grand Prize, the title #MissFriskyFriday of the Year and a cash prize. The Top 5 weekly finishers receive points each week, that accumulate all year!
    • One final tip – if you notice it’s a slow week, $25 gives you 250. There have been a few weeks when the top contestant failed to hit 1,000 votes. Had someone purchased tokens just before the reset, they would have captured the crown for the week, and 25 points and the $50 gift card!

Good luck everyone and thanks for being with #FriskyFriday!